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I’ve been coming here for 2 years.  I have always been treated with respect. The service has been great.  – Mark Schllinger


The value of Prescription Assistance Network (PAN) Charitable Pharmacy is unprecedented. Life-sustaining medications are dispensed here at PAN, at little to no cost to those who need assistance. This is not simply a few day or even just a month supply of medication; in fact, patients may come back each and every month to refill vital medications, without the hassle of the application process every time. There is a consistency of care for the patients who receive help from PAN; patients see familiar pharmacists, and even familiar student faces from visit to visit at the pharmacy. PAN Charitable Pharmacy is literally saving lives. If you ask me, that is invaluable.

Thank you!

Monica Metts

pauloCompassion, caring, and commitment in the pharmacy built upon one family’s journey to achieve the American Dream. Pharmacy student, Paulo Chan is compelled to help patients because he understands the hardship in their lives. “My family and I emigrated to the U.S. from Brazil. When we moved my family struggled. We were one of the many underserved families in San Francisco and could not afford health insurance or to pay for prescription medications.

“My determination to become a pharmacist emerged from the many challenges my family experienced and inspired me to seek a career that would allow me to work directly with patients to improve the quality of their lives. My rotation at the PAN charitable pharmacy enhanced my clinical knowledge but also reminded me once again to show sympathy, compassion and caring for people in our communities. I felt compelled to help these patients simply because I understand their hardships and want to serve even more.”