Diabetes Care

Discounted or free diabetes medications such as insulin and other supplies can be provided once you are enrolled with Beacon Charitable Pharmacy

How should I schedule my diabetes care?

It may be overwhelming to manage your diabetes. The Beacon Charitable Pharmacy staff can provide education and the necessary support to assist you in maintaining your health. Review our diabetes care schedule below, then contact us or schedule an appointment using the form below. Once we meet with you, our team of pharmaceutical professionals will determine your eligibility for discounted or free diabetes medications.

Free diabetes medications - Beacon Charitable Pharmacy

What to do every day:

  • Blood sugar checks – up to several times per day.
  • Foot checks – report any cuts, redness, swelling, sores, blisters, corns, calluses, or other change to the skin or nails.
  • Diabetes medications – always take the amount prescribed regardless of how you feel.
  • Physical activity – get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity such as walking.
  • Healthy eating – this helps your blood sugar stay in your target range.



What to do every THREE months:

  • A1C test – If your treatment has changed or you are having trouble meeting blood sugar levels, have this test every 3 months.
  • Doctor visit – If you have trouble meeting your treatment goals, visit your healthcare provider. Ask your healthcare provider to check your feet if you’ve ever had diabetes-related foot problems.

What to do every SIX months:

  • Dental exam – Get your teeth and gums cleaned at least once a year (more often if your healthcare provider recommends), and inform your dentist you have diabetes.
  • A1C test – If you are meeting your treatment and blood sugar goals, have this test every six months..
  • Doctor visit – ask your doctor to perform the same checkup you received at three months.

What to do every year:

  • Flu vaccine.
  • Kidney test – simple urine and/or blood test.
  • Cholesterol test.
  • Dilated eye exam – It may be required to have this exam more often if you have ever had diabetes-related eye problems.
  • Hearing check.
  • Complete foot checkup – It may be required to have this exam more often if you have ever had diabetes-related foot problems.

What to do just once:

  • Pneumonia vaccine – Get a pneumonia shot as an adult before the age of 65 (two more doses will be needed after the age of 65).
  • Hepatitis B vaccine – Get a hepatitis B vaccine if you are 60 years of age or younger, and haven’t had it before. Talk to your healthcare provider about getting the vaccine if you are older than 60.

What to do as needed:

  • Mental health check – If you are feeling sad or hopeless, talk to your healthcare provider right away!
  • New symptoms or health problems – If you notice new health problems or if existing problems are getting worse, notify your healthcare provider immediately to be evaluated.

Assistance Starts Here

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“Thanks to Beacon Charitable Pharmacy, the medicine, and my doctor, my glucose has dropped. After two months, I no longer feel bad and I can lead a normal life!”